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KDE 3.5 Themes

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KDE 3.3.X style. It is for screen resolution up 1024x768.

# I'm thinking about blue, but i always will be orange... just thinking...

# icons name="FlatSVG"
You can download it here:
# wm type="builtin" name="kwin3_plastik"
# wallpaper mode="Scale" url="theme:/wallpapers/desktop/bebop.jpg"

# after downloading the .gz file, extract all files in the directory you want, then "right click" on .kth file and "install".

# after you apply the theme from KDE Control, you have to do following, in order to obtain the effect for the icons that you see in the preview (just take a look at the second and third preview).You have to set the same color for all category of icons, standard mode (no transp, colored, turn full on, then pick the color up from my screenshot) + active mode (to grey,half transparency).
# Just trie around, maybe you find a better setting.
# Maybe you have another icons,looks great also, maybe you are blue, and i am orange ...

# You can also change the textcolor of the desktops icons (without shadows) and replace it with the same color as the active icons,

#or you can colored the icons to blue as standard, who knows ?
# or blue, # or better orange ?

What about orange ?!

Keep having fun on KDE!-) daniel
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