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MyFanSpeed is a theme for SuperKaramba that reads and shows the fan speed values (RPMs) from sensors (lm_sensors).

The theme style is based on xTemp:
The fan image is from TDE:


13 years ago

this may be a silly question..maybe not...

im not getting any temperature,fanspeed, data along thise lines.

i no the mother board supports it , in windows i had fanspeed and other stuff working.

but every karaba/superkaraba app that i use doesnt seem to reconginze or use that information..i dont know if i have to change something ...





13 years ago

You need to install lm-sensors to be able to read motherboard's info (temps, fans rpm, voltages, etc).
After you install lm-sensors package you need to configure it (it's allmost automatic) opening konsole and type:

- su (to use commands as root, you need root password)

- sensors-detect (to try to auto-detect yours mobo sensors)

it will ask you a few questions but you can just press enter so it will assume all the defaults. After that and as a normal user type: sensors (and you should see temps, voltages, etc.
That's it.

To use superkaramba themes like this, you must change (in the .theme file) the "name" of the sensor to the used by your mobo, e.g. in some mobos cpu temp is named "temp1" in others like the one I have it's named "CPU Temp", etc...

Hope it help!


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