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Analog Clock is a themeable superkaramba theme.

There are currently 4 different styles for the clock.

Configuration options are:
Select Theme
Hide Seconds
Resize Applet
Resize Applet - percentage
Restore Default Dimensions

Since this is my first superkaramba theme, and my first experience with python, I'll be glad to receive any remarks on the theme :)


15 years ago

for a first go at python, well done!

okay, just so you know: i'm using superkaramba cvs as of 11aug2004, and i don't get a dialog to ask me about resizing or heights.

i _do_ get one for the theme selection, though, which is very odd.

also, the ticks against the config options "toggle" even on menu items where it shouldn't, even though i see you set the config option to 0 in places:
karamba.setMenuConfigOption(widget, "defdim", "0")

oh well!



16 years ago

I like the clock, but when I play with the size, it will often start to consume 100% of my processor, for no apparent reason. I guess it enters some infinite loop somewhere, but I've not looked at the source.

Also, the hands of the clock could do with better rendering, to make them less pixelated. Finally, there is no need to have the update time at 500 (milliseconds), since it will only change every second - better to put it to 1000, to use less power.

Good work though, gets my vote!



16 years ago

There is a bug where when resizing a widget from larger to smaller, you'll see this. In a proof I wrote, if you then reload when you see this happen, you can then use the new size without the 100% cpu utilization(of course if the dev wrote this information out and saved it for you). I've seen this on Mandrake so far, and I'm going to test my theory on a Red Hat box at work soon.




16 years ago

I didn't understand, are you saying that the 100% CPU bug is in my code or the superkaramba code?

about the other two things:
I'll change the update ratio to 1000 next release,
about the hands problem - unfortunately, I'm no graphic designer. if anyone can make this look better, I'd be grateful.



16 years ago

I'm saying it is superkaramba based. I haven't looked too far into it yet. My test was to have a widget resize (grow/shrink) when the widgetClicked() was being called. It tested positive everytime for the 100%cpu usage issue when it shrank, but not on growing, and also after you shrank and clicked a second time to grow it again it would go away. I know it at least occurs on Mandrake systems. I'm going to try my Red Hat box at work soon...


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