Jessica Rabbit

KDE 3.x Splash Screens

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5 .0

Here is a nice simple, yet elegant Splash Screen.

I have a 1024x768 pic (Jessica Rabbit.jpg) included in the file that you can use on your desktop if you wish to.
Last changelog:

15 years ago

Just cleaned up the transparency on the flashing icons.


13 years ago

Ok, so I'm a noob, and haven't been doing the Linux thing all that long. I just discovered about changing the splash screen, and as I started searching the archives I began to wonder is there was a Jessica Rabbit Splash Screen that I could get, and here it is.

Thanks for your efforts, I think I'll grab myself a copy of it right now.

BTW, would you happen to know off hand if there is a way to rotate the Splash Screens. I know how to do it with Wallpapers and thought it would be somewhat amusing if I could get a different splash each time I booted up.


15 years ago

Just cleaned up the transparency on the flashing icons.

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