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here's my suggestion for the porcelain windec >

i really like the porcelain windec, but i think, the graphic for the close gadget is a bit to small, so i've tried a bigger version, the same thing with the minimize gadget, made it bigger.. and at least i draw a smooth contour behind them..
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15 years ago

added a screenshot..


15 years ago

Well, that's possible to make the closer and the minimizer less thin. That's easy.

But the halo is a much more complicated thing. Besides, I think if we add a halo around the buttons graphics, there should also be a halo around the title frame.

I'm preparing a final version to correct all the bugs I noticed with my everyday use. (Title text must be higher. Title frame must be rounder. A minimal size must be respected.) I'll see what thicker closer and minimizer look like... but just a little thicker.


15 years ago

added a screenshot..

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